“Do You Want to Improve Your Life?”

Training for over 20 years, Martial Arts is an amazing journey for Life Skills Development and Learning.  Here I share one thought of many more to follow. Do you want to enhance you and your family’s life? Maybe focus better to be more organized? Read on….

Take inventory of yourself

It is very important to find out “who you are” in order to know strengths and weaknesses, using them to lead a happier, less stressed satisfying life. Only then can you develop solid relationships with others. www.viacharacter.org offers a FREE survey to identify your top “signature strengths”. You can then learn how to maximize these strengths (life skills) from your profile. Martial Arts is all about learning how to develop theseLife Skills.  Go for it!

by Master Judy Wright (aka Miss Judy), 5th Degree Black Belt

Our team of expert martial arts instructors can help you learn self defense, self confidence, and fitness. At Action Karate we strive to bring innovative programs, anti-bullying seminars, school programs, Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, and great leadership programs.