Improving Your Life

The previous blog talked about finding your “signature strengths” ( The evaluation gives you a long list of characteristics so you can see your strong points in order. Now it is time to evaluate these strengths and see how they fit into your career, family and personal life. Compare your conflicts/challenges with your lower scoring points and try to notice a pattern- only YOU have power over yourself to take action toward changes to improve these conflicts in your life. Improvements take time, little Action steps are the keys to get things in motion.  Our instructors are very knowledgeable in helping you formulate an Action plan. Please feel free to contact us at, or call (267) 625-1209.

Our team of expert martial arts instructors can help you learn self defense, self confidence, and fitness. At Action Karate we strive to bring innovative programs, anti-bullying seminars, school programs, Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, and great leadership programs.